September 22-26, 2020​

Czocha Castle, Poland

A Call to Adventure 

At the College of Extraordinary Experiences, almost a hundred  people from all over the world come together for five days to explore the realm of experience design.

Will you take a leap into the unknown and join us?


What is the College?

 2020 Participants


Lina Safstrom - Corporate Artist,

Paul Bulencea - Author, Gamification in Tourism

Aziza Aba Butain - Staff Writer, Charmed (CW)

Marti Noxon - Principal, Tiny Pyro Productions

Heather Rees - Founder, Amplify Productions

Scott Weiss - Partner, Community by Design

Claus Raasted - Creator, College of Wizardry

Gabriel Mocanu - Co-Founder, Goya Studio

Oana Bulencea - Co-Founder, Goya Studio

Michael Badelt - Owner,  intya // Creative

Ellena Doe - Co-founder, Harlow Fowler

Icel Argana - Managing Director, Excite

Grace Kim - Senior Producer, Apple

Charles Michel, Creator


more coming soon

A place where we all learn from each other

By creating an environment where people from radically different industries and backgrounds truly bond, and where participants come together with open hearts and open minds, we facilitate the creation of deep connections.

The College is a place where we all learn from each other, and where a large part of the magic is what happens afterwards as connections turn into friendships, projects and collaborative efforts across the globe.

Classes at the College are taught

using our three core methodologies;

Rapid Prototyping, Co-Creation and Flexible Focus


"Wow... Talking about the first event I ever attended that truly walked the talk! I went down the rabbit hole and feel I can really say I came out a different person on the other end." 

Miranda von Brück

Program Director, Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

"It was one of the most exhilarating, challenging, educational, and meaningful experiences of my life

Plus, they gave us the run of a 13th century castle to do it in! Thank you to The College of Extraordinary Experiences for the opportunity to be professors among such people."

Chadney Everett

Art Director, Meow Wolf

"When you return home and try to tell people about your experience you hear responses like, “The castle must have been so cool!” or “Wow, that looks like you had a great time.” But as many of you understand, words simply cannot explain what happened at The College. You can talk for days about the experiences we had, the crazy prototyping we did, and the many secret passage ways leading to the alchemy bar, but at the end of the day the experience remains ineffable. You simply can’t explain the family bonds that were built, the knowledge gained, or the transformations that took place."

Andrew Lacanienta

Professor in Experience Design, Caltech University

The College was born from a desire to change how professional networking and learning take place, and to craft an experience that allows people to learn about experience design in a hands-on way.


"From the moment I walked into the College of Extraordinary Experiences, I found myself swept away on a journey of discovery that not only provoked all my senses but challenged all my preconceived ideas about experience design. The College transforms the notion of traditional conferencing and networking by combining aspects of rapid prototyping, live action role play, game design thinking and deep meaningful human interactions within the dramatic confines of a highly imaginative location."

Werner Puchert

Former Senior Manager, Experience Strategy, Deloitte


"This was in the top five experiences of my life. It was transformative. It was beautiful. I met so many wonderful people who've influenced me in the most amazing ways.

  Christie Cleveland

Former Product Manager, Disney Consumer Products & Interactive

"The College of Extraordinary Experiences was one of the most unique and memorable events I've ever participated in. From being met at the airport by goblins, being dressed up in wacky costumes, tasting flavored explosions, hearing from experience design experts and participating in the design of an experience for our team goblin it was a non-stop immersion into the weird and wonderful. My personal highlight was meeting such a diverse and interesting group of people - many of whom I have been in touch with following the event."

Kim Wylie

Former Global Lead for Change and Transformation, Google



Can you be our student?


Experience design is multi-disciplinary and at the College we welcome students from diverse backgrounds. Diversity of approaches helps everyone design better experiences and creates foundations for  cross-industry collaborations. 

Invitations include

Accommodation, Food, Drinks and Berlin Airport Transfers to the College. 

Entrance into an unparalleled alumni network of experience designers.
Access to the College Experience Design Library.


And if you go to the event and you're not satisfied with your stay at the College,

we'll refund you up to 100%, should you so choose. Yes, we're that confident. ;-)


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